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00-a-014 - Addition of Expenditure Sub-object Code 2211 (January 20, 2000)

DATE: January 20, 2000
SUBJECT: Addition of Expenditure Sub-object Code 2211
A & R CONTACT: Pam Karns
Mike Lovich
(785) 296-2660
(785) 296-2131
APPROVAL: approved by Shirley Moses
SUMMARY: Addition of expenditure sub-object code 2211 for the Division of Printing

In past years, expenditure sub-object code 2210 (Printing and Binding) has been used by the Division of Printing Services for billing purposes. Expenditure sub-object code 2211 (Printing Binding [Pymt to St Fac Only] - Surcharge) has been established to track and account for the portion of the Division of Printing's billings that are considered unallowable under OMB Circular A87.

This addition should be made to your copy of the Uniform Expenditure Classification of Expenditure Sub-object Codes filing (PPM 7,002). This modification is reflected in the PPM on the Accounts and Reports internet site. (http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/ppm/ppm01001.htm)


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