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00-a-009 - SCORECARD Program (October 29, 1999) (Program discontinued as of October, 2002)

DATE: October 29, 1999
A & R CONTACT: Roger Rooker (785) 296-2844 (Roger.Rooker@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: approved by Shirley Moses
SUMMARY: SCORECARD Program Available to State Agencies

Several agency managers have expressed an interest in a "SCORECARD" program that would provide feedback on how their agency is doing in processing transactions through the Division of Accounts and Reports. The "SCORECARD" concept was included as a topic on the survey distributed by Accounts and Reports at the September, 1998 ASTRA meeting and the responses to the proposal that the Division of Accounts and Reports evaluate agency performance through a "SCORECARD" process were positive.

As a result, the Division of Accounts and Reports announced the implementation of a "SCORECARD" evaluation program at the May, 1999 ASTRA meeting. The availability of the program was also announced through the Accounts and Reports Webpage which includes information about the program along with enrollment forms. Eighteen agencies requested evaluations during fiscal year 1999, with three additional agencies submitting requests during fiscal year 2000.

Agencies that are not already participating in the "SCORECARD" program may request to participate by completing the enclosed SCORECARD EVALUATION REQUEST form and submitting it to the Director of the Division of Accounts and Reports. Copies of the individual evaluation forms are also enclosed for your review. Information about the program and copies of the forms are also available on our webpage at http://www.da.ks.gov/ar/.

The Division of Accounts and Reports does not maintain detailed records on many of the areas that would be logically evaluated. In view of this, all "SCORECARD" ratings will be given at the agency level and will be based upon subjective criteria. The evaluation forms have been designed to identify areas where we believe that additional training or review of internal policies may be beneficial or areas where performance is acceptable and are not to be used for individual staff evaluations. The forms also provide for comments on each of the evaluation areas and for general overall comments.

It is important that these evaluations be viewed as input mechanisms provided by Accounts and Reports and that they be viewed by agency managers in the manner in which they are intended. The evaluations are merely to provide feedback on areas where the Division of Accounts and Reports feels that the agency might identify opportunities for improvement and are not to be used for individual staff evaluations. You will note the possible scoring does not include a rating higher than "ACCEPTABLE". You will also note that the form includes a category "COULD BENEFIT FROM ADDITIONAL TRAINING OR REVIEW INTERNAL POLICIES". This is not intended to infer that all training is currently available from Accounts and Reports. While we do intend to expand our training subjects as resources allow, we will also be relying on agencies to assist each other in areas where training is not available from us.

Evaluations for a fiscal year are performed as soon as practical after budget worksheets have been distributed for the fiscal year in which the evaluation request was received. Evaluations will be automatically performed each subsequent fiscal year for any agency with a request on file until the agency notifies the Division of Accounts and Reports that it no longer wishes to receive the evaluations.

Questions concerning the SCORECARD program may be directed to Roger Rooker at telephone (785)296-2844, email address Roger.Rooker@da.state.ks.us


Attachment:  scorecard request & evaluation forms  (.pdf) 

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