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98-a-014 - Year 2000 Conversion for STARS and the STARS Ad-Hoc Reporting System (March 27, 1998) (Obsolete)

DATE: March 27, 1998
SUBJECT: Year 2000 Conversion for STARS and the STARS Ad-Hoc Reporting System
EFFECTIVE DATE: April 16, 1998
A & R CONTACT: Mike Lovich, Business Process Management Team (785) 296-2131  
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Notification of conversion date for STARS and the STARS Ad-Hoc reporting system year 2000 compliance

In September of 1997, the Division of Accounts and Reports issued an informational guide to provide agencies with basic information and necessary action steps to plan for the conversion to year 2000 compliance for STARS and the STARS Ad-Hoc Reporting System. A copy of that letter and the informational guide may be obtained electronically at the STARS Year 2000 Project Center (http://www.ink.org/public/da/ar/forum/stars2000/stars2000.html), a part of the Division of Accounts and Reports web site. The conversion dates for the project are now rescheduled for April 17, 18, and 19.

The final STARS cycle prior to conversion will be made on the night of Thursday, April 16, 1998. Actual conversion will begin early on the morning of Friday, April 17, 1998, and STARS will not be available for use on that date. It is our goal to complete the conversion activities by Sunday night, April 19, 1998, so that STARS will be available to users on the morning of Monday, April 20, 1998. Users should plan on STARS not being available on Friday, April 17 and plan for the possibility that STARS will not be available on the following Monday. Notification will be posted to both the STARS on-line system and to the STARS Year 2000 Project Center, should it become necessary to continue the conversion effort into Monday.

Questions related to the STARS year 2000 project may be directed to Mike Lovich at voice (785) 296-2131, or via E-mail at mikel@daar.wpo.state.ks.us.


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