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98-a-013 - Deletion of Expenditure Subobject Codes 2110 and 2150 (March 27, 1998)

DATE: March 27, 1998
SUBJECT: Deletion of Expenditure Subobject Codes 2110 and 2150
EFFECTIVE DATE: June 30, 1998
A & R CONTACT: Pam Karns, Financial Integrity Team (785) 296-2660 (785) 296-2660  
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Deletion of expenditure subobjects 2110 and 2150 established to track expenditures under the statewide freight contract.

ASTRA requested the Division of Accounts and Reports to review the necessity for maintaining expenditure subobject codes 2110 (Freight) and 2150 (Package Delivery Service). These codes were requested several years ago by the State Division of Purchases to enable them to track expenditures under the new statewide freight contract. The State Division of Purchases has informed us this requirement no longer exists and the above expenditure subobjects may be deleted. The replacement expenditure subobject should be 2190 (Other Freight and Express).

Agencies should review and correct all encumbrance documents containing these expenditure subobjects extending beyond FY 98. These subobjects will no longer be valid after the closing of FY 98 business transactions.

These subobjects will be deleted from the Uniform Expenditure Classification of Expenditure Subobject Codes filing (P.P.M. No. 7,002) and will be reflected in the next revision of this filing.


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