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99-P-006 Board of Regents Institutions (Supersedes 99-p-003)

DATE: September 30, 1998
SUBJECT: Board of Regents Institutions
CONTACT: Abby Moore (785) 296-2133  
APPROVAL: Image of approval signature.
SUMMARY: Date Changes on the UCI Quarterly Wage & Statistic Reporting


The Department of Human Resources has notified Payroll Services that Y2K changes have been made to their Unemployment Compensation Insurance (UCI) reporting system. Effective with the third quarter 1998, reporting for the UCI Quarterly Wage Remittance Report and Dataset and the UCI Quarterly Statistic Report and Dataset must be modified for Y2K compliance per the attached formats. Regent Institutions are responsible for making the necessary modifications to their Wage and Statistic reporting to reflect the change.

The following are the changes to the Wage Remittance Dataset:

  • Element "Wage Quarter/Year Code" increased to 9(5). This is the Quarter number and four digits of year (CCYY).
  • Element "Wage First Name Initial" follows "Year Code." There is no longer any filler separating the two elements.

The following are the changes to the Statistic Dataset:

Header Record

  • Element "Year" increased to 9(4). This is the four digits of year (CCYY) Detail Record
  • Element "Filler" at end increased to X(9).

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