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98-P-030 Addition of New Earnings Codes

DATE: June 16, 1998
SUBJECT: Addition of New Earnings Codes
EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll period beginning June 14, 1998
CONTACT: Payroll Services (785) 296-3146  
APPROVAL: Image of approval signature.
SUMMARY: Addition of New Earnings Codes for FY99


Executive Directive 98-270 establishes a 5% retention incentive pay option for University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) Law Enforcement personnel. The earnings code will be displayed as follows:

Code Description Check Stub
RET Retention Incentive OTHER


In addition, Legislators will be eligible to receive a State Per Diem rate of $72.06 in fiscal year 1999. Legislators serving in the Legislature have the option to receive the new daily rate. Legislators who serve as board members for a state agency may also receive the increased rate. The following two earnings codes have been added to SHARP to reflect the increased rate:

Code Description Check Stub
LG5 Legislative Daily Rate - $72.06 Regular
BD7 Board Member Daily Rate - $72.06 Regular


Each of the above earnings codes is effective with the payroll period beginning June 14 and ending June 27 paid July 10, 1998. Earnings code 'RET' is established for use only by agency 683; earnings code 'LG5' should be used only by agency 428.


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