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98-P-027 Missing Paychecks

DATE: April 24, 1998
SUBJECT: Missing Paychecks
CONTACT: Carol Beck, Payroll Services
APPROVAL: Shirley Moses, Director of Accounts and Reports
Don Heiman, Director of DISC
SUMMARY: Procedures for Locating Missing Paychecks

As part of the Department of Administration's commitment to provide better customer service, we have developed the following information guideline for locating missing paychecks. We continue to work closely with the U.S. Postmasters in Topeka, Kansas City and Lawrence to ascertain that the mail is being handled properly and to ensure that paychecks and advices are being distributed according to the U. S. Post Office standards for meeting customer needs.

The following steps should be followed by State Agencies Personnel/Payroll Offices when an employee reports that a paycheck has not been received on payday.

  1. Verify that a paycheck has been created. This may be done by direct inquiry to SHARP in the Employee Data window under Paycheck, Paycheck Data panels or by using the KPAY002 Payroll Register. It should be noted whether payment is by an actual check or if a payroll advice has been issued for direct deposit. If a check or advice has not been created, agency personnel should first determine why and take further action as needed. If an advice has been issued, the employee should verify if a deposit has been made with their bank.

  2. Verify the pay date on the check. This may be verified by on-line inquiry or the KPAY002. Issue dates could differ from expectations if the check was calculated in an off-cycle since check date is assigned by the system. Please see Informational Circular No. 98-P-005 and the revision Informational Circular No. 98-P-017 for calendar year 1998 dates. Based on the paycheck date, the mailing date may be ascertained. Paychecks are mailed one work day before the date on the check. Payroll advices are mailed two work days before the pay date. By mailing one work day before pay dates, employees should receive the paycheck on the date printed on the check. The mailing location should be noted, as some locations might require more than one day for delivery. The State of Kansas does not guarantee delivery of a paycheck on the pay date since delivery is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Postal Service. Direct deposit should be encouraged for the most timely receipt of pay.
  3. Verify the correct address information has been entered in SHARP. The Employee Payroll Data window specifies under PayrlData, Payroll Data panels whether a paycheck is delivered to the home or the mailing address. Both of these addresses are maintained in the Personnel Administration window under PersData, Personal Data, Personal Data 1 panels. The address information as of the final pay calculation determines where the check or advice is sent. Incorrect information could cause delay or lost checks and advices.
  4. Agency personnel should contact the local Post Office. Such notification may assist in the locating of the missing check. However, it is difficult to track a single piece of mail which is uncertified.
  5. An Agency may advance employees money due from their Agency Imprest Fund. This is the most expedient way for an employee to receive funds in the case of a missing paycheck. The agency is then responsible for collecting the money back from the employee after the paycheck is received. For further information regarding imprest funds, see the Division of Accounts and Reports Policy and Procedure Manual, filing no.10,802. Questions regarding establishing imprest funds or increasing fund balances should be directed to Bill Perry, Central Accounting Services at 785-296-7217.
  6. Paycheck reprints can be requested for missing paychecks. If the reprint process has begun and the check is located, the employee will not be able to cash the check because a stop payment has been issued. Reprints are processed in off-cycles according to the payroll schedule. Do not use the reprint process in the case of an incorrect address. The reprint will have the same address as the original check. If a paycheck is lost because of an incorrect address, the original paycheck will need to be reversed and replaced with a supplemental after the address has been corrected in SHARP using the Personnel Administration window, PersData, Personal Data 1 panels. For further information regarding the reprint process, you may contact Joyce Dickerson in Payroll Services at 785-296-3979.
  7. If sufficient delivery time has lapsed, usually two to three days, and all of the above steps have been taken, agency personnel should contact David Lord in Central Mail at 785- 296-3231 to report the non-receipt of paychecks. The cities and zip codes for the addresses of missing checks should be noted. Central Mail can use this information in contacting the U.S. Post Office representative in an attempt to locate the missing mail. Individuals should not be encouraged to call as it is more helpful for agency personnel to gather information in determining the scope of the problem area.

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