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98-P-015 Addition of New Earnings Codes

DATE: December 24, 1997
SUBJECT: Addition of New Earnings Codes
EFFECTIVE DATE: December 28, 1997
CONTACT: Payroll Services (785) 296-3146  
APPROVAL: Image of approval signature.
SUMMARY: Earnings Codes to Report Bonus Payments for Information Technology Positions and Earnings Codes for KUMC Nurses

Executive Directive 97-264 establishes a variety of premium pay options that are available to agencies to enhance the recruitment and retention of information technology employees. Effective with the payroll period beginning December 28, 1997, ten new earnings codes will be available for use to compensate technology employees who are eligible to receive bonus payments. Please refer to the memorandum dated December 2, 1997, issued to all state agencies by the Division of Personnel Services, that details the guidelines for these bonus payments.

The new bonus earnings codes are as follows:

Code Description Check Stub
BOS Signing Bonus Regular
BOR Recruitment Bonus Regular
BOM Mission Critical Skills Bonus Regular
BOA Skills Acquisition Bonus Regular
BOP Mission Critical Project Bonus Regular


New earnings codes to record the associated increase in overtime due to a bonus payment are as follows:

Code Description Check Stub
BSO Overtime-Signing Bonus Overtime
BRO Overtime-Recruitment Bonus Overtime
BMO Overtime-Mission Critical Skills Bonus Overtime
BAO Overtime-Skills Acquisition Bonus Overtime
BPO Overtime-Mission Critical Project Bonus Overtime


The Division of Personnel Services will be issuing a memorandum to agencies with instructions on how to enter the bonus codes in SHARP. Questions regarding the appropriate use of these earnings codes should be directed to Spud Kent, Division of Personnel Services, at (785) 296-2069.

At the request of the University of Kansas Medical Center, three new earnings codes have been added to the SHARP system to record different types of shift earnings for nurses. The earnings codes will be effective with the payroll period beginning December 28, 1997.

The earning codes are as follows:

Code Description Check Stub
ST4 KUMC Evening-$5.00/hour MC Nur SH2
ST5 KUMC Night/Weekend-$11.00/hour MC Weekend
ST6 KUMC Evening/Night-$3.00/hour MC Nur SH3


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