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21-P-014 W-2 Wage and Tax Statements for Calendar Year 2020 (January 8, 2021)

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Information Pertaining to Employee 2020 W-2 Statements


The final version of the KTXPR55 W-2 listing has been generated.  The KTXPR55 report contains all information printed on the 2020 W-2 Wage and Tax Statement for each employee of your agency.  Agencies will find the report in their agency mailbox on the MVS with a date of January 5, 2021.  This report should be downloaded and retained by your agency to meet your historical record needs.  This report will be removed from your MVS mailbox and will be no longer available for downloading after February 5, 2021.  

The KTXPR55 W-2 listing is sorted by 1) 3-digit agency, 2) alphabetically by last name/first name, and 3) by social security number (SSN). The report is totaled by 3-digit agency. The

’Total Number of Employees’ count from the Grand Totals page represents the total number of 2020 W-2's that were generated for your agency.  The Department of Administration will be preparing a SMART voucher to bill each agency for the applicable costs associated with processing the 2020 W-2's.

In those instances where an employee worked for more than one department, one W-2 form has been prepared which includes earnings and deductions for all departments.  The W-2 information for these employees will be included on the KTXPR55 W-2 listing for the department number appearing on the employee's most current job record.

The standard W-2 will be used again for 2020.  The standard W-2 is one page, contains four copies (a copy to be used with the employee’s federal return, two copies that can be used for the employee’s state and local returns, and a copy for the employee records).  For those employees consenting to receive their W-2 electronically, the form will be available on Employee Self Service (ESS).  For those receiving a printed W-2, the form will be printed and sealed in an envelope. Per Federal reporting regulations, employees who have received Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) leave in 2020 may have multiple pages to their W-2 to report the required FFCRA information. Please note that any employees who have retired or separated from state service continue to have access to consent and receive W-2 forms electronically via Employee Self Service for 18 months following separation.  However, each retired/separated employee will have his/her consent reset to ensure generation of a mailed copy of his/her W-2 if the former employee does not re-consent/receive the W-2 electronically via Employee Self Service.   

Agencies are reminded that the mailing address on the Contact Information page will be the primary address used for mailing the paper W-2 to employees not consenting to receive an electronic W-2.  If the employee has no mailing address, then the employee's home address will be used for mailing the W-2.  Most employees should continue to receive their W-2’s at home, since most employees do not have a mailing address.  The return address for all W-2 forms mailed this year will be the address of the Department of Administration’s Office of Printing & Mailing.

All paper 2020 W-2’s, which are considered undeliverable to the employees and are returned to the Office of Printing & Mailing by the U.S. Postal Service, will be retained until April 15, 2021.  At that time, they will be destroyed.

In cases where the 2020 W-2 Wage and Tax Statement information does not agree with your records, please notify this office with an explanation.  For all cases where the social security number is incorrect, please send a copy of the employee's social security card to this office with the explanation.  State agencies are not authorized to make changes on W-2 forms.  The Social Security Administration and the Kansas Department of Revenue must be notified of corrections made by the Department of Administration.

For employees needing duplicate W-2’s for years 2016 through 2020, agencies are expected to recommend that employees consent to view these W-2’s electronically using ‘W-2:  Consent, Reissue, Forms’ tile found in Employee Self Service, and then view and print the duplicate using ‘View W-2/W-2c Forms’.  For those employees not wishing to consent to receiving their W-2 Form electronically, they should use the ‘W-2 Reissue Request’ functionality also found in Employee Self Service to request a paper W-2 duplicate if a paper W-2 was processed for the year being requested.  The Desk Aid that explains this procedure is W-2 Consent, Withdraw and Reissue Instructions which may be printed and distributed to employees to assist them in this process. Agencies are reminded that employees who have separated or retired from State service have access to consent to consent/view/print and to request duplicate paper W-2’s for 18 months following their date of separation, per Informational Circular 12-P-011, and should be directed to utilize Employee Self Service to consent/view/print or request a duplicate W-2.  For requesting paper W-2 reissues, after logging into the system and selecting ‘W-2 Reissue Request’, the employee will be asked to review the Tax Address and make any needed corrections.  Please note that the Tax Address is where the reissued paper W-2 will be mailed, so it is imperative that the address is correct.  The employee will also need to specify for which tax year (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, or 2016) the reissued W-2 is needed.  Duplicate W-2’s for 2016- 2019 are currently available, and duplicate W-2’s for 2020 will be available starting on Wednesday, February 3, 2021.   

The Office of Accounts and Reports, Statewide Payroll will continue to provide duplicate paper W-2’s for those employees who cannot access Employee Self Service.  Requests for duplicate W-2’s received by Statewide Payroll by noon of each Thursday will be processed Thursday afternoon and mailed the next day.  Agencies need to verify the mailing addresses for the W-2’s and submit the correct addresses to Statewide Payroll.  Agencies are requested to submit one blanket request for duplicate 2020 W-2's for each printing.  The requests should be in employee ID order and should include each employee's name and correct mailing address in addition to the employee ID.  Requests for duplicate W-2's for years prior to 2020 should be submitted separately.  Duplicate 1042S form requests should also be submitted separately.  Requests for either duplicate W-2 or 1042S forms should be directed to Statewide Payroll at telephone number 785-296-7059.

Attachment A has been included with this circular to assist agencies in answering questions regarding the W-2 forms.  The attachment defines what items must be added (+) or subtracted (-) to arrive at the amounts shown on the W-2 form.  In addition, agencies may also consider utilizing the SHARP KPAY318, “Year to Date Balances” report to assist in answering W-2 related questions.  The report is available through SHARP using the path: Home / Payroll for North America / Periodic Payroll Events USA / Balance Reviews / Year to Date Balances.  Employee ID and year are required to run this report.  See Accounts and Reports Informational Circular No. 97-P-005 dated October 31, 1996 for additional information regarding the KPAY318. 

Please note that off-cycle paychecks dated December 31, 2020 are included in the 2020 W-2 amounts.   

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