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20-P-026 Elimination of Employer E-Mail Notice of Changes to Employee W-4 and K-4 Withholding Made Through SHARP Employee Self Service (January 22, 2020)

Informational Circular No. 20-P-026

Effective Date:


Contact Name:
Amanda Entress

(785) 296-3887


Approval: Nancy Ruoff
(Original Signature on File)


Summary: Elimination of Agency E-Mail Notifications of Employee Changes to Federal W-4 and State K-4 Withholdings Made via SHARP Employee Self Service

Effective immediately, electronically submitted changes to an employee’s Federal W-4 or Kansas K-4 made via SHARP Employee Self Service (ESS) will no longer generate an e-mail notification to agency HR/Payroll staff. Agency staff will no longer be required to maintain a paper copy of electronic changes made to an employee’s Federal W-4 or State K-4. Staff are reminded that W-4/K-4 forms submitted in paper version and entered by agency staff must continue to be retained by the agency in the employee’s personnel file in accordance with record retention guidelines.

To assist agencies with identifying W-4/K-4 changes made electronically by employees, a new query (Employee Tax Updates) is being developed and will be added to the Payroll WorkCenter Queries in SHARP.  Notification will be sent via the SHARP Infolist when the new query has been added to the WorkCenter. The Payroll WorkCenter can be found in SHARP on the Payroll Homepage under the Payroll WorkCenter tile.  The query prompts for a date range, which pulls from the Date Last Updated field on the Federal Tax Data Page in SHARP and will display the max effective dated row for all employees in your agency who had a Federal or State tax data change between the dates entered in the prompt. The results of the query will display the Employee ID, Effective Date, Form: (note: version A = 2019 or earlier; version B = 2020 or later), Last Action (see below for code references), and Date of last update.

Last Action Codes:

B = Batch
C = System (i.e. Rehire)
D = Hire Process
O = Online User
W = Employee Self Service

Agencies are reminded that employees have until 6:00 p.m. on the night of payroll confirm (normally the Friday of pay calc week) to change tax data.

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