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16-P-008 Addition of New Vision Provider Deduction Codes/Benefit Plans

Informational Circular No.: 16-P-008

Effective Date: Pay Period Beginning December 20, 2015; Ending January 2, 2016; Paid January 15, 2016

OCFO Contact: Earl Brynds

KDHE Contact: Melody Connell

Ph: (785) 296-5376, (785) 368-6533

Email: earl.brynds@da.ks.gov, mconnell@kdheks.gov

Approval:    Nancy Ruoff (Original Signature on File)
Summary: Addition of New Vision Provider Deduction Codes/Benefit Plan Codes


The Health Care Commission approved a new vision provider for plan year 2016. Surency Life and Health will replace Superior Vision. A basic and enhanced plan will continue to be offered. 

To accommodate the new vision vendor, the following new Benefit Plans/Deduction Codes are being added in SHARP effective 12/20/2015:

 14 SYHIBT   Vision-Surency Enhanced Vision  SYHIBT  Before-Tax 
 14 SYHIAT  Vision-Surency Enhanced   Vision SYHIAT  After-Tax 
 14 SYLOBT Vision-Surency Basic  Vision  SYLOBT  Before-Tax 
 14 SYLOAT  Vision-Surency Basic   Vision SYLOAT  After-Tax 


The new deduction codes/benefit plans will be added in SHARP effective for the payroll period beginning December 20, 2015 and ending January 2, 2016, paid January 15, 2016. 

The Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Payroll Systems Team is responsible for making the necessary updates to the SHaRP payroll system. Regents’ institutions are responsible for ensuring that these changes are reflected in their individual systems. 

Questions regarding the system set-up/interfaces for this new payroll deduction can be directed to Earl Brynds (Earl.Brynds@da.ks.gov or 785.296.5376). 

Questions regarding the vision benefit should be directed to Melody Connell, Benefits Consultant (mconnell@kdheks.gov or 785.368.6533).



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