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15-P-004 New Employee Self Service K-4 Update Capability (Issued September 10, 2014)

Informational Circular No.: 15-p-004

Date: September 10, 2014

Effective Date: Immediately

Contact Name: Kathy Ogle

Ph: (785) 296-2290

Email: kathy.ogle@da.ks.gov

Approval:    Nancy Ruoff (Original Signature on File)
Summary: Kansas State Tax Data (k-4) update capability through Employee Self Service has been added


The Office of Systems Management is pleased to announce that new functionality has been added to SHARP Employee Self Service (ESS) that allows employees to update their Kansas State Tax Data information electronically.  The new ESS menu option, Update K-4 State Tax Data, allows employees to update their Kansas marital status, number of allowances, amount of additional withholding, and exempt status on-line themselves.  Prior to this, employees had to submit a paper K-4, Kansas Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, to their agency Human Resource personnel for changes.

The Update K-4 State Tax Data link in ESS works similarly to the Update W-4 Federal Tax Data functionality.  After an employee has entered and submitted the desired changes, the updated information is inserted into SHaRP.  Two rows are inserted, effective dated with the current date.  A row is inserted into Federal Tax Data, pulling forward the prior row’s data, and a row is inserted into State Tax Data with the updated information.  If an employee makes both a State Tax Data and a Federal Tax Data change on the same day using ESS, both updates will display in SHaRP effective dated with the current date.  After submitting an ESS K-4 State Tax update, the system generates emails to both the employee and the employee’s Agency Payroll Administrator with the details of the update made.

Please communicate this new ESS Update K-4 State Tax Data capability with your agency’s employees.  If you have any questions regarding this new functionality, please contact Kathy Ogle with the Office of Systems Management, Payroll Services at kathy.ogle@da.ks.gov or 785.296.2290.


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