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14-A-004 - Establishing of and Closing of Account Codes in SMART

Informational Circular No. 14-a-004
Supersedes Informational Circular No: N/A
Date of this Informational Circular: 03/03/2014
Contact Name:
Martin Eckhardt
Gail Barnhart
(785) 296-2661
(785) 296-3404
Martin Eckhardt
Gail Barnhart
Establish account 412720 and close accounts 514401, 514402, 514403, 555700, 555710

In order to record and track certain state revenues in accordance with statutory provisions, the following account code is being established in SMART effective immediately: 

412720            Commercial Vehicle Fees (Agency 565)

In addition, the following accounts are obsolete and effective immediately, these accounts will be closed:

514401            Voluntary Retirement Incentive Cash Option

514402            Voluntary Retirement Incentive Vacation Payout

514403            Voluntary Retirement Incentive Sick Leave Payout

555700            Homestead Property Tax Relief

555710            Oil Lease Operator Property Tax Payments

These changes will be updated shortly in the Uniform Receipt Classification Account Code filing (PM No. 6,002) and the Uniform Expenditure Classification Account Code filing (PM No. 7,002).

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