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12-P-015 Change in KOSE Organization Dues Deduction Amounts (Supersedes: 11-p-027)

DATE: December 6, 2011
SUBJECT: Change in KOSE Organization Dues Deduction Amounts
EFFECTIVE DATE: Payroll Period Ending January 7, 2012

Nancy Ruoff

(785) 296-2853

Nancy.Ruoff @da.ks.gov


Nancy Ruoff

(Original Signature on File)


Organization Dues Changes for KOSE

The organization dues for members of the Kansas Organization of State Employees (KOSE) will be changing effective with the payroll period beginning December 25, 2011 and ending January 7, 2012, paid January 20, 2012 as follows:

Deduction Code

Hourly Rate of Pay

Bi-Weekly Dues Deduction

ORG502 $ 13.99 or Less


ORG503 $ 14.00 – 14.99


ORG504 $ 15.00 – 15.99


ORG505 $ 16.00 – 16.99


ORG506 $ 17.00 – 17.99


ORG507 $ 18.00or Greater



As a reminder, the service fee will remain $0.06 per biweekly payroll period. Therefore, the amounts listed above include the deduction amount (ORG502-507 deduction codes) and the $0.06 service fee (ORF502-507 deduction codes) added together.

The Office of General Services, Payroll Systems Team will make the necessary updates to the payroll system to affect all SHARP employees enrolled in the above KOSE dues deductions. Regent’s institutions are responsible for ensuring that these changes are reflected on all paychecks issued on or after January 20, 2012.


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