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10-P-022 KPAYGL5C Updated File Layout

DATE: February 9, 2010

KPAYGL5C Updated File Layout

EFFECTIVE DATE: June 30, 2010

Earl Brynds

(785) 296-5376


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KPAYGL5C, General Ledger Extract, Updated File Layout for Conversion to SMART

KPAYGL5C, the General Ledger Extract Outbound Interface File, is a flat file of general ledger data provided to select agencies to assist with reporting needs.  The KPAYGL5C is generated as part of the Day 4 and Day 6 payroll processing schedules.  The KPAYGL5C generated on DAY 6 contains information for only the on-cycle payroll for the period; the file generated on DAY 4 contains information for the on-cycle payroll as well as all off-cycle activity for the period.

The implementation of the new Statewide Management and Reporting Tool (SMART) System requires significant changes to the layout of the KPAYGL5C file to account for the changes in chartfield values and source tables that will occur.  Attached is the updated KPAYGL5C file layout which will be effective with all KPAYGL5C files generated on or after June 30, 2010.

As part of the on-going effort to protect and secure the personally identifiable information of employees of the State of Kansas, Social Security Number has been removed from the updated file layout.  Employee ID as well as Position Number continue to be included. 

Please note, the KPAYGL5C file is only created for those agencies who have requested that it be generated for their agency.  If your agency is not currently receiving the KPAYGL5C and would like to have it generated for your agency beginning June 30, 2010, please contact Earl Brynds, Payroll Systems Team Lead, at Earl.Brynds@da.ks.gov or via phone at (785) 296-5376 to submit your request.


KPAYGL5C Updated File Layout xls


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