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08-P-002 Addition of Earnings Codes P4H and P4P

DATE: June 5, 2007
SUBJECT: Addition of Earnings Codes P4H and P4P
EFFECTIVE DATE: June 17, 2007
CONTACT: Kathy Ogle (785) 296-2290 Kathy.Ogle@da.ks.gov
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SUMMARY: Addition of Earnings Codes P4H and P4P

Executive Directive No. 07-381 requires the establishment of a 2% pay differential effective June 17, 2007, for those employees in the Highway Patrol Trooper, Highway Patrol Master/Technical Trooper, Highway Patrol Lieutenant, Highway Patrol Captain, Highway Patrol Major, Law Enforcement Officer I and Law Enforcement Officer II (only Motor Carrier Inspector employees with full law enforcement authority), and Law Enforcement Officer III (Motor Carrier Inspection Sergeant) job classifications.  This premium is only available for use by the Kansas Highway Patrol (Agency 280).

The following earnings codes will be added to SHARP for this pay differential:

Earnings Code Description
(This ‘hours’ code should be entered on the employee’s timesheet at the time of other time and leave entry.)
P4H Pay Differential Hours-2%
(This ‘pay’ code should be added ONE TIME to the Additional Pay page.)
P4P Pay Differential Pay-2%


Both the ‘hours’ and the ‘pay’ differential earnings codes will update the paycheck.  The ‘hours’ earnings code will contain an amount equal to the differential hours entered on the timesheet times the employee’s hourly rate of pay.  This amount will not add to gross pay.  The ‘pay’ earnings code will reflect the amount that adds to gross pay (the ‘hours’ amount times the factor associated with the differential which is 2%). 

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team, is responsible for updating these earnings codes in the SHARP system.  Regents’ Institutions are responsible for ensuring these code changes are updated in their individual systems.


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