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08-a-011 - Airline Fees (June 12, 2008)

DATE: June 12, 2008
SUBJECT: Airline Fees

Randy Kennedy

(785) 296-2125


APPROVAL: Kent E. Olson signature.
SUMMARY: Agencies shall determine which airline fees are allowable

Some airlines are in the process of charging for services a la carte, which in some cases includes a charge for the first checked bag. K.A.R 1-16-20(b) states in part “Baggage. Charges for baggage in excess of the weight or of the size carried free by transportation companies shall be allowed if such excess baggage is used for official business… Specific justification must be submitted with the claim voucher.”

If the airline charges for the first bag, and if it previously would have been transported free, then Accounts and Reports will not expect a justification. Each agency is responsible for determining what constitutes excess personal baggage.

As the airline industry’s fee structure changes, it will be each agency’s responsibility to determine which additional air travel fees are considered business-related, and therefore paid or reimbursed by the agency, and also to provide justifications for these additional fees with the voucher if the fee is not already addressed in existing statute or regulation.

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