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07-P-026 Addition of Earnings Code 'INC' for Incentive Pay

DATE: April 2, 2007
SUBJECT: Addition of Earnings Code ‘INC’ for Incentive Pay
EFFECTIVE DATE: March 25, 2007
CONTACT: Earl Brynds (785) 296-5376 Earl.Brynds@da.ks.gov
APPROVAL: Image of approval signature.
SUMMARY: Addition of Earnings Code ‘INC’

The Governor’s Office has approved Hazmat Technician Incentive pay for those employees within the 190th Fire Department in the Kansas Adjutant General’s Department who obtain and maintain a Hazmat Technician certification.  To administer the Hazmat Technician Incentive pay and all other applicable future statewide incentive pay scenarios, a new earnings code is established in the SHARP system effective March 25, 2007.  The following new earnings code is set up to be used starting with the pay period beginning March 25, 2007 through April 7, 2007 paid April 20, 2007.                                                

Earnings Code Description Short Description Effective Date
INC Incentive Earnings Incntv Ern 3/25/2007

The Division of Accounts and Reports, Payroll Systems Team, is responsible for adding this new earnings code in the SHARP system.  Regents’ institutions are responsible for implementing the new earnings code in their payroll systems.



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