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06-a-007 - Vendor Address Validation Procedure (April 21, 2006)

DATE: April 21, 2006
SUBJECT: Vendor Address Validation Procedure
A & R CONTACT: Nickie Roberts (785) 296-7917 (nickie.roberts@da.state.ks.us)
  Tim Hund (785) 368-6347 (tim.hund@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: signature - Bob Mackey
SUMMARY: Change to Vendor Address Validation Procedure on May 8, 2006


Effective May 8, 2006, STARS Vendor Table address verification will move from an online, real time mode (Finalist software) to a batch process performed during the nightly processing of STARS transactions (First Logic software).

Online Input to STARS Vendor File

Agency staff will continue to enter new STARS vendor records online and will also continue to receive immediate feedback when required fields are not completed correctly. However, agency staff will no longer receive immediate feedback regarding address errors when adding new vendor records via online STARS.

If First Logic determines as part of overnight STARS processing that the input address is incorrect and First Logic is unable to automatically correct the address, the vendor record will be added to the STARS Vendor Table with the incorrect address. The vendor status code will be shown as "2" (inactive due to address error).

  • These errors will be noted on the Online Vendor Edit Activity Report (DAFR1710) as "ADDED W/ERRORS" followed by the specific error (e.g., V38 INV FSTLGC STREET). These reports will be distributed to agencies.
  • Accounts and Reports (A & R) staff may add handwritten notes to indicate information needed from the agency in order for A & R to correct the vendor record and change the vendor status to "0" (active). The address must be corrected before a warrant can be written to the vendor.

When possible, First Logic will make the necessary corrections to the submitted address and the record will be added to the STARS Vendor File with vendor status code "0" (active). These records will also be noted on the Online Vendor Edit Activity Report (DAFR1710) as "ADDED".

A & R will continue to have the capability to override address errors previously rejected by First Logic if those addresses are subsequently determined to be correct.

Batch Input to STARS Vendor File

Agency staff currently submitting STARS Vendor File records via the overnight batch process will continue to receive the Vendor Edit Activity Report (DAFR1700) with the same types of error notations as discussed above.


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