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02-a-002 - Statewide Financial Management Systems Needs Assessment Survey (July 25, 2001)

DATE: July 25, 2001
SUBJECT: Statewide Financial Management Systems Needs Assessment Survey
A & R CONTACT: Roger Rooker (785) 296-2314 (roger.rooker@da.state.ks.us)
Laura Franks (785) 368-6691 (laura.franks@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Distribution of Financial Management System Needs Survey

On June 20, 2001, the Division of Accounts and Reports advised all state agencies that Accenture, LLP had been selected to perform a Statewide Financial Management Systems Needs Assessment.

The initial focus of this project is directed at obtaining input from state agencies in an effort to identify how agencies use the features of the current system(s) and to identify agency needs or requirements that are not currently being met by the central accounting system. Accenture staff has created a survey(s) designed to obtain the information needed to determine those areas in which the current system performs well and those areas in which the current system is deficient. The survey results will also be used to help identify the nature of future contacts with the individual agencies.

While I realize that distributing a survey through the Informational Circular process results in its being received by agency personnel who may not be involved in completing the survey, I am also confident that distributing it in this manner will ensure that it will get to the appropriate individuals. Each agency should designate one individual to complete the survey, or coordinate its completion if input is obtained from multiple individuals within the agency.

The survey is being distributed electronically, rather than in hard-copy format. This electronic distribution, and submission, will facilitate the efficient and accurate analysis of the results. An electronic copy of the survey may be displayed on your screen by "clicking" on the following URL http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?LLCNKPB3QLFMBTG3QQWWGYGJ <------- Broken link

Since this survey will initiate the processes that will be used to obtain input from state agencies, it is imperative that each agency completes their survey as accurately and completely as possible. In order to ensure the timely analysis of the survey results, I am requesting that the completed surveys be submitted no later than Tuesday, August 7th.

Your cooperation and participation is appreciated.


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