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00-P-033 Modification and Addition of Earnings Codes (Supersedes Informational Circular 98-P-030)

DATE: June 20, 2000
SUBJECT: Modification and Addition of Earnings Codes
EFFECTIVE DATE: Pay Period Beginning June 11, 2000
CONTACT: Roger Basinger (785) 296-5387 (roger.basinger@da.state.ks.us)
APPROVAL: Approved by Dale Brunton
SUMMARY: Modification of Earnings Code 'RET' and Addition of Earnings Code 'RTO'

Executive Directive 00-296 establishes a retention incentive pay option for the Kansas Department of Transportation. Agency determined engineering positions in the Kansas Department of Transportation's Comprehensive Transportation Program are eligible for the pay option. The earnings codes for this pay option is 'RET' and should be entered on the Bonus Pay Panel in SHARP. Earnings code 'RET' is only available for use by the University of Kansas Medical Center (agency 683) and the Kansas Department of Transportation (agency 276).

Please note that the 'Check Stub' for earnings code 'RET' has changed from 'OTHER' to 'REGULAR', and the earnings code will be displayed as follows:

Code Description Check Stub
RET Retention Incentive REGULAR

Earnings code 'RTO' has also been established. Code 'RTO' is the overtime differential due to eligible Kansas Department of Transportation engineers who will receive retention incentive pay (RET) and have received overtime payments within the previous 12 months. The 'RTO' earnings code is system generated and will be displayed as follows: 

Code Description Check Stub
RTO Retention Incentive Overtime OVERTIME

The modification to earnings code 'RET' and the addition of earnings code 'RTO' become effective with the payroll period beginning June 11, 2000 and ending June 24, 2000 paid July 7, 2000.


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