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What is the last day to use my 2021 Discretionary Day?*

August 18, 2021

*For eligible employees whose work schedule includes their last workday of a week as Friday, the last day to use the 2021 Discretionary Day is Thursday, December 23, 2021 due to the Friday, December 24, 2021 Officially Observed Holiday. For those whose last workday of a week differs from Friday, the last day will depend on your schedule. If you have questions, work with your supervisor or personnel office staff.

As mentioned above, Friday, December 24, 2021 is the Officially Observed Holiday. Keep in mind that Saturday, December 25, 2021 is the Legal Holiday. Eligible employees receive holiday credit and/or holiday compensation for only one of the two days: not both. Please check with your supervisor when scheduling your discretionary day.

You can determine if you still have an available Discretionary Day by logging into the Employee Self Service Center located at https://kansas.gov/employee (click on the Self-Service icon located in the Featured Sites area). Once you are logged in, click on the View Leave Balances tile. If you see the words “Discretionary Day is Available” on your View Leave Balances page, you still have a Discretionary Day available (for non-Regent employees).  

If you enter your own time via the PeopleSoft Time and Labor “My Time” tile in Employee Self Service, you can also tell if a Discretionary Day is available by clicking on the “Leave / Compensatory Time” folder tab located on your timesheet. If you see the words “Discretionary Day is Available” under the Leave / Compensatory Time tab, you still have a Discretionary Day available.

A complete list of Executive Branch Holidays, including Discretionary Day usage dates, is located on our Holidays page. (Note: Multiple years are listed).

Check with your agency Personnel Office if you have questions.



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