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What is the difference between a classified position and an unclassified position

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Classified positions have protection under the Civil Service Act. An applicant for a classified position must meet the minimum requirements for the position to be certified as eligible for the position. From the certified list of eligible candidates, agencies select a group of candidates to interview for the position. If selected, the successful applicant is placed on the pay matrix in the pay grade that is assigned to the job class. Once a classified employee completes an original probationary period and attains permanent status, he or she has appeal rights to the Civil Service Board if disciplinary action is taken against them. Vacancies for classified positions must be posted on the Notice of Vacancies.

Employees in unclassified positions, in most cases, are selected by the appointing authority and approved and appointed by the Governor. Employees in unclassified positions do not have appeal rights to the Civil Service Board and are considered to be "at will" employees. These employees are not placed on the pay matrix but are paid at a salary approved by the Governor. Unclassified positions do not have to be announced on the Notice of Vacancies.
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