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Number of GED Certificates Awarded to Inmates

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Over 36.0% (approximately 3,500) of the inmate population lacks a high school diploma or GED.  Of this group, nearly 45.0% (approximately 1,600) will be released within five years. According to a RAND Corporation meta-analysis of the effectiveness of correctional education, offenders generally have lower levels of education and employability skills as compared to the general population. This, as well as the stigma of a felony record and the lack of sustained steady employment prior to and during incarceration, serves as barriers to finding and keeping a job after release. Participation in correctional education programs has been shown to reduce recidivism rates by 13.0% as compared to offenders who do not participate in correctional education programs.

Graphs show the Number of GED Certificates Awarded to Inmates for FY13 through FY17 and FY18 by Quarter

In some cases, quarterly data has been annualized to provide a better comparison to prior fiscal years.  Generally, measures that use percentages have been annualized.  This prevents distortions in the quarterly data that may occur because of smaller populations sizes.  Measures that show the numbers of incidents, activities or individuals reflect actual numbers for the quarter.  This allows users to see progress from one quarter to the next towards identified goals.

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