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Supplemental Paycheck Procedures

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

  • A supplemental is processed when there was no on-cycle paycheck created.
  • A supplemental will create a whole paycheck for the employee for that pay period including gross wages and all taxes and all deductions.
    • If a paycheck was created, but for the wrong gross pay, process an adjustment to the on-cycle or supplemental paycheck. See instructions for processing an Agency Entered Adjustment.
  • A supplemental is processed by the agency in one of the three off-cycle runs after an on-cycle payroll confirmation.
    • After those three off-cycle runs, the agency would need to submit a request to the Office of Systems Management, Payroll Services team to process a paycheck for the employee. See instructions for submitting a Centrally Entered Paycheck Adjustment.
  • A supplemental cannot be requested prior to the first off-cycle processing day, normally the first Monday after final pay calculation.
  •  If an employee has a current Payroll Status of Leave of Absence (LOA), the employee must be returned from LOA with an effective date equal to, or before, the date of the off-cycle being processed in order for the prior period payable time to be loaded to payroll. 

Procedures for Requesting a Supplemental Paycheck Online.

  1. On the Time and Labor Homepage > Reported Time Tile > Timesheet.
  2. Enter the Employee ID Number and a date within the pay period (MM/DD/YYYY).
  3. Click on "Get Employee".
  4. Click the employee name to access the time sheet.
  5. Enter or correct the earnings code(s) and hours or dollar amounts on the time sheet.
  6. Click on the “Request Supplemental” box.
  7. Click on "Submit".
  8. There should be a pop-up message saying the Submit was successful.Click on “OK”.
  9. If the employee reports time in Employee Self Service:
    1. Expand the Reported Time Status bar
    2. Verify all hours are correct
    3. Click on “Select All”
    4. Click on “Approve”
    5. Look for Time Entry Errors on the KTL 104, Payable Hours Exception Report
  10. After Time Administration runs:
    1. On the Time and Labor Homepage > Payable Time Tile > Approve Payable Time.
    2. Approve Time.
      • NOTE: If there is no Payable Time, look for exceptions on the Time and labor Homepage > Reported Time Tile > Exceptions. .After correcting errors, you will need to approve payable time (steps 1 and 2) after the next Time Administration runs.
  11. Verify that the supplemental processed in the next off-cycle run by checking the PAY002, Payroll Register, or looking online on the Payroll Homepage > Employee Payroll/Benefits Data > Review Paycheck. Enter the Pay Period End Date and the Employee ID Number in the search boxes and click on "Search". The supplemental will have a pay group that begins with the letter "S".


If the Supplemental did not process:
  1. Look for Payroll Error Messages
    • Payroll Homepage > Payroll Processing Tile > Review Processing Messages > Review Payroll Error Messgaes
    • Enter the Employee ID number and click on "Search"
    • Be sure to check for all error messages on this page
    • Any errors will need to be corrected and the supplemental must be requested again on the Time and Labor page.
    • If you receive a "No records found" continue on with the next step.
  2. Look for errors on the KTL 104, Payable Hours Exception Report.
    • Time and Labor Homepage > Time and Labor Reports Tile > Payable Hours Exception
    • Enter a Run Control ID and click on "Search"
    • Enter the Department ID or Department Group ID
    • Enter an "As of Date"
    • If there are errors, you will need to request the supplemental again and fix the errors

If you still cannot determine why a supplemental did not process, contact the Payroll Services Team at 785-296-3979.


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