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Paycheck Reprint Procedures (SHaRP Agencies only)

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

NOTE:  With the implementation of mandatory direct deposit, paper paychecks should not be issued.  Reprint procedures should not be needed.  However, in the rare case of a paper check being issued, this would be the procedures to use to reprint a check if necessary.


  • A paycheck reprint creates a new check for an employee when the original check was not received or it was accidentally destroyed. If the original paycheck was both a check and an advice, you can process a reprint that will pick up only the check portion of the net pay of the paycheck.
  • The reprinted check number replaces the original check number in SHARP.
  • The new check will be an exact reproduction of the original check except for the check number and issue date. This will include the original name, identification numbers and mailing address as was on the original check.
  • A paycheck reprint will not pick up a new address that has been entered in to SHARP. For a new address, contact the Payroll Services Section for instructions.
  • A paycheck cannot be reprinted if it has been redeemed by the State Treasurer's Office.
  • Since a reprint does not calculate a paycheck for an employee, you can process multiple reprints in the same off-cycle for the same employee, or you can process reprint(s) in the same off-cycle with any reversal(s), adjustment or supplemental for the same employee.
  • You cannot reprint an advice. You can reprint the check portion of a check and advice type of paycheck.


  1. An employee reports a paycheck as being lost, stolen, or destroyed. 
  2. Agency completes form DA-6P, Paycheck Stop Payment Request. The DA-6P can be found on the forms page as a PC fillable Excel file (requiring Excel be installed on your PC). See Paycheck Stop Payment Request Procedures for directions on completing the DA-6P. hhtps://www.admin.ks.gov/offices/osm/payroll-procedures.
  3. Upon receipt of the approved DA-6P, Paycheck Stop Payment Request, from the State Treasurer's Office, enter the paycheck reprint request in SHARP by clicking on the Fluid NavBar > Navigator > Payroll for North America > Payroll Processing USA > Reprint Paychecks. 
  4. Under "Pay Check Selection Criteria" on a blank line, enter the paycheck number and issue date of the paycheck to be reprinted.
    • If there is already information listed in the check number and issue date fields, hit the Add Row (+) button above “Other Information” on the right hand side of the page to add a new blank row. 
  5. After the correct information has been entered on the page, click on the Save button.
  6. The employee information and paycheck amount will default on the page. Please verify that it is the correct paycheck.
    • If it is not correct, you can delete the row by clicking on the Delete row button (-) on the right hand side of the page.
    • You can save the page without having any data entered.
  7. If another paycheck is to be reprinted in the same off-cycle, click on the Add row (+) button above the "Other Information" on the right hand side of the page to add a new row to enter the next paycheck information. DO NOT write over any paycheck number or you will lose the prior request.
  8. To delete a reprint request after the page has been saved, click on the Delete Row (-) button above "Other Information" on the right hand side of the page of the row that should be deleted and click on "Save". The deletion is not complete until the page is saved.
  9. The reprinted request will be processed in the next off-cycle payroll. Note: The new check will not appear on the PAY002, Paycheck Register or on the KPAYGL5C.
  10. After the replacement check has been issued in the off-cycle, the State Treasurer's Office should be notified of the new paycheck number and issue date. You can contact their office either by calling (785) 296-4150 or by writing the new information on the Form DA-6P and faxing it to their office at (785) 296-2014. The new paycheck number and issue date can be found either:
    • On the Payroll Homepage > Employee Payroll/Benefits Data > Review Paychecks: enter the employee ID number and look for the original pay period end date.  The check listed will have a new check number.  The earnings page will have a new issue date, and the reprint box will be marked with a check mark.  This is the check number and issue date to be given to the State Treasurer's Office.
    • Click the Fluid NavBar > Navigator > Payroll for North America > Periodic Payroll Events USA > Check Reconciliation > Review Dead Checks: enter the form ID as "check", enter the original paycheck number, and click on "Search".  SHARP will provide you with the new check number however it will not provide the new issue date. You can find the issue date by looking up the new paycheck number on the Payroll Homepage > Employee Payroll/Benefits Data Tile > Review Paychecks.  Enter the reprint paycheck number in the search box.  When looking at the earnings page, there should be a new issue date, and the reprint box will be marked with a check mark.
  11. The agency should record the reprint check number and issue date on the form DA-6P, Paycheck Stop Payment Request for their own records.


Form Completion Instructions

    • Dept ID - Enter the 10-digit department ID where the employee works.
    • Employee ID - Enter the employee's 11-digit ID.
    • Employee Name - Enter the employee's name as it exists in SHARP.
    • Pay Period End Date - Enter the end date of the pay period for which the original paycheck was issued.
    • Paycheck Number - Enter the number of the original paycheck.
    • Paycheck Date - Enter the issue date of the original paycheck.
    • Net Pay Amount - Enter the amount of the original paycheck.
    • Sign and date the request.
    • Attach an approved Form DA-6P, Paycheck Stop Payment Request, to the DA-182 and file in the agency's payroll documentation file.



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