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14-P-001 SHARP Employee Self Service PDF Paycheck Advices (July 5, 2013)

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: July 5, 2013

SHARP Employee Self Service PDF Paycheck Advices


EFFECTIVE DATE: July 29, 2013

Kathy Ogle

(785) 296-2290


( Kathy.Ogle@da.ks.gov)



Nancy Ruoff

(Original Signature on File)


SHARP Employee Self Service Paycheck Advices Displayed in PDF Format Effective with Checks Dated August 2, 2013


The Office of Systems Management, Payroll Services, is pleased to announce that effective with paychecks dated on or after August 2, 2013, pay advices will be processed using PDF format in SHARP Employee Self Service (ESS), View Paycheck, unless Accessibility Mode is requested for an employee.  In addition to displaying most of the same information as the current format, every PDF pay advice will now display year-to-date (YTD) information as of the pay period end date of the paycheck.  Currently, when viewing pay advices in ESS, only the most recent paycheck displays YTD information.  With the new PDF format, every pay advice dated on or after August 2, 2013 will include YTD information.


To view PDF pay advices (once checks dated August 2, 2013 are available in ESS), click the View Paycheck menu item.  Employees will notice a checkmark in the PDF File column check box.  Click on the Check Date link to display the PDF pay advice.  In addition to each PDF pay advice displaying YTD information, differences between the PDF pay advice and the current pay advice view to be noted are:

  • No column totals are displayed in the Employer Paid Benefits section.
  • There is a new Year-To-Date Paid Time Off and Sick Leave section displaying vacation (paid time off) and sick leave information: a year-to-date starting balance with hours earned, bought (this row is not used), taken, sold (this row is not used), adjustments, and the resulting end balance.  The message section below this box informs the viewer to go to the View Leave Balances or Update My Time Sheet links to view other leave balance information.
  • Adjustment checks resulting in a zero dollar net balance will now display as a PDF advice.  Currently, these advices do not appear in View Paycheck.
  • PDF Pay Advices are only available starting with paychecks dated on or after August 2, 2013.  PDF pay advices will not be available for any paychecks dated prior to August 2, 2013.


Employees wishing to continue to view pay advices utilizing the current ESS Paycheck View for ADA purposes will need to request Accessibility Mode.  For an employee using Accessibility Mode, no change will occur and View Paycheck will continue to function in its current form.  For Accessibility Mode requests, an employee should contact their human resource office, who in turn should contact the service desk at 785-368-8000.


The new PDF View Paycheck option will only include paycheck advices.  Employees who receive a paycheck rather than using direct deposit for a particular pay period will not have the PDF pay advice available for that pay period and will view paycheck information in the current format for that pay period.


Because Regent Institutions calculate their own paychecks, the View Paycheck option in either format is not available for Regent employees.






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