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How to work from home: 6 Teleworking Tips

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

  1. Have a designated work station:
    Most people don’t have a lot of unused rooms in their home, so don’t feel like you have to possess a “traditional” office. However, you do want to have a designated space where you can effectively complete your work tasks. You want to make sure it is comfortable, but also functional. We all love lounging on the couch, but it’s probably best to be somewhere where you can focus on the task at hand.
  2. Prioritize:
    All of us working unexpectedly at home may have a number of priorities...(children). We understand this and working remotely doesn’t mean you have to ignore your kids. It does mean that you may need to set some boundaries. For instance, maybe every couple of hours of work results in a quick 5-10-minute activity with the kids. It’s important that everyone around you understands that you are “working”, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore other potential responsibilities.
  3. Establish a work routine with your environment in mind:
    One of the most challenging aspects of working remotely is establishing a routine. We are creatures of habit as we usually get our coffee at the same time, say hi to our co-workers at the same time, take our break(s) at the same time. Try to replicate this at home as it helps you remember that you are still working. The idea is not for you to be chained to your desk, but rather to replicate the production that takes place within the workplace.
  4. Make a list:
    Most people don’t go shopping without a list and the same can be said for employees and their work. When you are in the office it is easy to complete a task and pick up work elsewhere. However, when you are at home that becomes more challenging. Therefore, it is helpful to map out your day and/or week. Have a list of things you want to accomplish in any given period.
  5. Rest your eyes:
    When you are in the office rarely are you staring at the computer screen for hours upon hours. Now you may be working on the computer, but you aren’t focusing your eyes in one place for an extended period of time. Remember the “20-20-20 Rule”, which says that for every 20 minutes spent staring at a screen you should look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Following this is a great reminder to help reduce strain on your eyes.
  6. Take Breaks:
    Very rarely do we work throughout the day without taking a break. It is important to remember this when working at home. This might mean a walk to the mailbox or taking the dog outside. Get up and stretch your legs just as you would in a traditional office setting. Sometimes at home we tend to keep working, but your body will thank you for getting up and moving.
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