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Examples Of Debts Submitted

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Ambulance services Recovery of expenses
Apartment lease and damages Recreational services
Continuing education Salary overpayments
Child support

School Fees

Diversionary agreements


Enrollment fees


Fines Lunches


Services rendered

Parking fines

Student health
Hospital services Student loans

Parental obligation

National direct student loans

Patient obligation

Pell grant repayments

Treatment and care

Perkins student loans
Independent study Surgery and medicine
Insufficient funds checks Taxes
Insurance premiums

Drug tax - criminal fraud


Individual income taxes

Civil judgments

Inheritance tax and interest

Court ordered restitutions

Liquor excise tax

Criminal judgments

Personal Property taxes

KPERS withdrawal overpayments

Premium tax - foreign

Late fees

Sales tax

Library services

Withholding taxes

Library fines

Motor carrier taxes

Library materials

Unemployment taxes

Library overdue books


Library processing fees

Liquidated debts Unliquidated debts
Overpayment - expense allowances Utility bills
Personal telephone calls Workers' compensation overpayments
Printing services
Promissory notes
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