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Electronically-Submitted Annual Audit Reports

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration


One of the functions of Municipal Services is to serve as the repository of municipal audit reports prepared and submitted to us pursuant to K.S.A. 75-1117 et seq.  Each year more than 1,000 annual municipality audit reports are submitted for review and filing.  These files are saved and safely stored on our network drive according to audit fiscal year, with uploads of recently received e-audits taking place approximately once each week.

Submission Instructions

  • If not already saved as a .pdf please scan/convert your audit report to a .pdf.
  • Attach your .pdf audit report to an e mail and send it to armunis@da.ks.gov
  • We request that files be named as they would appear on our website.  For example, “Winfield Recreation Commission,” “Hays,” “Barton County.”
  • Subsequent to receipt of your e-mail a reply will be sent back to you acknowledging our receipt of the report, accompanied by a reminder that the filing fee may be transmitted via mail (mailing address will be included) or via facsimile for credit card payments (a credit card form will be attached to our e-mail response).
  • Upon delivery of the filing fee correspondence acknowledging receipt of the audit report will be generated and mailed back to the CPA responsible for the audit report (the CPA will forward to the auditee a copy of the acknowledgement letter).
  • The correspondence acknowledging receipt of the audit report will be e-mailed back to those CPAs who provide us with an e-mail address and who request that transmittal be done electronically (the CPA will forward to the auditee by printed hard-copy or by e-mail a copy of the acknowledgment letter).


Should you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to call Roger Basinger at 785.296.8083 or Rogers Brazier at 785.296.2846, or e-mail us at armunis@da.ks.gov.

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