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E-Acknowledgment of Audit Report and Filing Fee

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Of interest to CPAs:

Upon our receipt of a municipality audit report and the filing fee for such report we process the filing fee payment and generate two acknowledgment letters that we print and mail to your office, with the understanding that one of those letters will be mailed by you to your municipality client.

As an alternative to the paper letters described above, we now have available an electronic acknowledgment option whereby upon processing of the audit report filing fee a very short form e-mail will be generated and sent to your inbox.  With this option paper letters are eliminated.  Attached to this e-mail will be a .pdf of the very same paper letter that you would otherwise receive in the mail several days later.  The message on the e-mail sent to you reads in its entirety as follows:

Please see the attached State of Kansas audit report acknowledgment letter (pdf).  Please forward the attached letter to your client municipality.

If you would like to receive future acknowledgment letters via e-mail please send an e-mail to armunis@da.ks.gov and let us know of the e-mail address that we should utilize.  If you have multiple offices you may provide a different e-mail address for each office, one e-mail address for all offices, or a combination of the two.

We will continue to provide paper acknowledgment letters unless instructed to do otherwise.  If you choose to receive the electronic acknowledgment letter and later choose to switch back to paper, simply let us know and we will make the change.

If you should have any questions please write to the e-mail address above or call Roger Basinger at 785.296.8083, or Rogers Brazier at 785.296.2846.

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