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Direct Deposit Procedures

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration


The employee completes the  DA-184  form to authorize direct deposit. The DA-184 can be found on Employee Self Service (ESS) under the W4, K4 & Direct Deposit Tile. The form can be completed on-line then printed or printed as a blank form to be filled in by hand. The employee requesting the direct deposit change is required to sign the form by hand and submit to their agency HR/Payroll office. As a security best practice, electronic signatures are not accepted on this form. 

The DA-184 form is used for both employee pay and travel expenses.  These are paid out of different systems and therefore are entered separately in the computer. Employee pay is paid from the SHARP payroll system and travel expenses are paid through the SMART accounting system. The employee should return the completed form to their Agency Personnel Officer.  For travel expenses, some agencies may want the DA-184 to be delivered to other agency staff. The employee should keep a copy for their records. 

In order to ensure proper processing, it is recommended that bank account documentation be attached.  For checking accounts, attach a copy of a voided check.  For savings accounts, attach a copy of a deposit slip.

Direct deposit for employee pay should be entered in SHARP by the following path:   Payroll Homepage > Employee Payroll/Benefits Data Tile > Request for Direct Deposit. 

A copy of the form should be retained in the agency files.

Form Completion Instructions


        Department ID - This is the ten digit department number where the employee works. The first three digits are the agency number.

        Employee ID - This is the employee’s unique identification number.  It is a letter followed by ten digits.

        Name - This is the employee’s name as it exists in SHARP.


        Check box if more than two accounts are being used and additional pages are attached.

        Check box to indicate whether this is a new enrollment in direct deposit or an account change.

        Select SHARP box if direct deposit is for employee pay.  Select SMART box to indicate travel expenses.

        Effective date - This may be the current date or any date prior to the paycheck issue date.  Requests must allow sufficient time for processing by final payroll cutoff date for the pay cycle.



        Enter bank name and address information for each account.


        Priority -This is a required field when multiple accounts are chosen. Distributions are made to accounts in order of priority, (e.g. 1,2,3).  Lower priority numbers are deposited first. Any flat dollar amounts must have lower priority numbers than any percentages of net pay.  This will ensure the flat dollar amounts are deposited first.

        Balance- When multiple accounts are chosen, one account should be designated as the “balance” account to receive any excess funds left over from the distribution.  A balance account is not needed if the deposit is 100% to one account.

        Transit # - This is the nine digit routing ID number of the financial institution. This is entered in SHARP as Bank ID.  Bank transit numbers cannot start with the number 5.

        Account # - This is the account number of the checking or savings account to which the deposit should be made. For successful and timely direct deposit, it is very important that banking information is accurate. If there are any questions on bank or account numbers, the employee should contact their financial institution.

        % Net Pay/Amount - Enter either a percentage of net pay or a dollar amount to be distributed to the account.

        Account type - each account should be checked to indicate whether it is a checking or a savings account.  If there is any question on account type, the employee should check with their bank.

        Other boxes should be checked as appropriate for whether to use or cancel for SMART or SHARP.  If the direct deposit may result in the transfer of funds to a financial agency outside the U.S., the International ACH Bank box should be checked.

        Additional pages for more accounts may be used as needed. An employee may select up to a maximum of ten accounts for the deposit of SHARP employee pay and one account for SMART travel expenses.  Each page should be signed and dated.  Be careful not to sign Section B: Cancellation by mistake.


        To cancel the direct deposit request, the employee should enter the Effective Date for the cancellation request and sign and date the request. If available, use a copy of the original request to make the cancellation.  Both the employee and agency should retain a copy of the cancellation request.  Inactivating direct deposit in SHARP will stop direct deposit of ALL accounts.



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