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Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Josh White Manager, Enterprise Systems Architecture  785-296-6955 
Applications Service Desk   
Mitzi Cafer
Applications Service Desk Team Lead
Kenneth Hoar Applications Service Desk   785-291-3118 
Shawn Price  Applications Service Desk  785-296-2287 
Cheryl Stewart  Applications Service Desk  785-296-3521 
SMART Financials    
Andrew Watkins SMART Financials Team Lead  785-368-8709 
Cory Flowers  SMART Financials 785-291-0554 
Andy Kuhn  SMART Financials 785-296-6582 
Baobin Li  SMART Financials  785-291-0590 
SHARP HR/Payroll  
Paxton Lopeman  SHARP HR/Payroll Team Lead  785-296-6587 
Dan Force  SHARP HR/Payroll  
Larry Workman
SHARP HR/Payroll  785-296-7942
SMART/SHARP Security  
Phil Morrell SMART/SHARP Security Team Lead  785-291-0595 
Jeff Muller  SMART/SHARP Security  785-291-1920 
Russell Smith SMART/SHARP Security  785-291-0578 
SMART/SHARP Batch Processing  
Regina Mannell  SMART/SHARP Batch Processing  785-296-7866 

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