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Can I place an employee on a special performance review during the focal point period?

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Ideally you would not place an employee on a special performance review during the focal point period of October 1st – December 31st. This is the time that employees should receive performance review ratings for their annual performance review and should also have Performance Planning sessions with their supervisors in order to establish expectations and competencies for them for the upcoming year. These planning sessions provide a good opportunity for supervisors to discuss any issues that the employee may be having in regards to work expectations and the supervisor’s thoughts and suggestions on how the employee may be able to work on those issues.

In addition, placing an employee on a special evaluation during this time will also result in the employee receiving two performance evaluation ratings within a relatively short period of time. If these reviews both happen to be less than meets expectations, the timing of the special evaluation could lead a panel reviewing the matter – whether that is a performance evaluation appeal committee or the Civil Service Board – to form a negative inference that the agency was somehow “stacking the deck” against the employee in order to establish the basis to take disciplinary action. As such, it is strongly recommended not to begin or end a special evaluation during the focal point period established in K.A.R. 1-7-10 (a)(3).

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