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GROUP TWO (2) SCOPE - Application Development

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Application Development that targets the following State-installed packages:






Oracle Tools



Ruby on Rails


Oracle Forms

Includes additional complementary expertise in advanced security considerations within these environments.


If required by the Task Order, the chosen Contractor shall review all the above and additional relevant information for a project on a continuous basis to produce monthly independent reports about project status. These reports shall be delivered directly, independently, and simultaneously to the:

  • Project Manager
  • Project Steering Committee
  • Project Sponsor
  • Kansas Information Technology Office (KITO).

Each report shall include at a minimum:

Project risk assessment: Contractor shall evaluate the overall project structure and controls. The project shall be evaluated from the following perspectives: project management, user involvement, organization, technology, scope, oversight, business impact, cost-benefit, implementation, and consistency with the state’s PMM. The risk assessment shall include specific action items to address area that have the greatest potential for impacting the project.

Review of Project Deliverables: Contractor shall develop a set of evaluation criteria for each deliverable that ensures that it; delivers required functionality, is consistent with other deliverables, conforms to the overall architecture, followed a sound development process, has an adequate level of stakeholder involvement and review. For each major deliverable Contractor shall produce a specific deliverable evaluation report, outlining where it is incomplete or where it does not satisfy predefined acceptance criteria. Contractor shall recommend if the deliverable should be accepted or returned.

Monitoring of Design and Development Process: Contractor shall maintain a level of involvement in the design and development process that shall enable Contractor to identify issues and make recommendations to address specific areas of concern.

Monitoring of Project Schedule and Resources: Contractor shall monitor the project schedule and resource allocation plan to ensure the project is progressing as planned and adequate resources are available when needed. Contractor shall address the project team’s effectiveness in addressing critical issues that could impact the schedule or resource use. Monthly summaries shall be included in the Monthly status report that present an assessment of progress relative to baseline schedule.

Monitoring of Project Budget and Issues: Contractor shall monitor the project budgets, both in terms of resources and expenditures, and document any variances from the project plan. Contractor shall monitor issues handling within the project and maintain an understanding of the project sufficient to allow Contractor to identify issues that may pose a risk to the project but have not been included within the project’s issues management activity.

Activities: The report shall include a description of the previous month’s quality assurance activities and planned quality assurance activities.

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