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98-P-017 SHARP Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for Calendar Year 1998 (Supersedes 98-P-005)

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: January 12, 1998
SUBJECT: SHARP Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule for Calendar Year 1998
EFFECTIVE DATE: Calendar Year 1998
CONTACT: Payroll Services (785) 296-3146
SUMMARY: SHARP Off-cycle Payroll Processing Schedules

Attached is a corrected SHARP bi-weekly off-cycle payroll schedule applicable to your agency for calendar year 1998. This schedule replaces the off-cycle schedule originally issued as an attachment to informational circular 98-P-005.

The attached schedule provides important information regarding the critical off-cycle payroll processing deadlines for each bi-weekly payroll period. Please note the following corrections made to the 'SHARP KA3 5:00 pm Cutoff' dates on the attached off-cycle schedule:

Original Date Corrected Date
20-Oct-98 19-Oct-98
17-Nov-98 16-Nov-98
2-Dec-98 30-Nov-98

Agency personnel responsible for payroll processing will need to ensure that all appropriate information is entered/submitted by the cutoff dates indicated on the schedule in order to ensure the timely issuance of pay for their employees. Please refer to informational circular 98-P-005 for further information relating to the processing of on-cycle and off-cycle payroll. There are no changes to the on-cycle schedule included with informational circular 98-P-005.


Attachment: SHaRP Bi-Weekly Off-cycle Payroll Schedule for Calendar Year 1998

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