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98-P-007 Board of Regents Institutions (Supersedes 97-R-008)

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: October 31, 1997
SUBJECT: Board of Regents Institutions
EFFECTIVE DATE: January 23, 1998
CONTACT: Myrene Bears (785) 296-5368
SUMMARY: Regents Remittance Interface Files -- Change to STARS Funding.

Effective with the 1998 group health insurance (GHI) contract, payments to providers will be based on membership rather than payroll deductions. This change begins with the pay period end date of January 10, 1998 and a check issue date of January 23, 1998. The change in procedures impacts the Regents Remittance Interface File process and the STARS funding files that are sent to Payroll Services.

Remittance Interface Files:

- The last GHI data sent via the Regents Remittance Interface File Process will include all payrolls processed with check issue dates of January 3, 1998 through January 19, 1998 for the 1997 Contract Period. This file will be due on or before February 3, 1998. This will also be the last Remittance Interface File.

- Remittance interface files for organization dues, united way, OGL, death & disability (KPERS), first day coverage (KPERS) and prior service (KPERS) are no longer required. Remittances will be processed based on data from the Regents Payroll Interface files.

- To help insure that no remittance information is lost during the transition, include any payroll files submitted for the January 2, 1998 off cycle on the December 1997 Remittance Interface File due to Payroll Services by January 5, 1998. Include this data even if the file does not get processed for some reason with a January 2 check issue date or the transactions have not processed to STARS by the time the Remittance Interface file is sent.

STARS Funding File:

- The attached "Index Codes for Agency and DOA Clearing Funds" replaces the one included with the letter dated August 29, 1997 addressing "New STARS Index Codes and Regent Transaction Processing". The funding changes impact fund 7700 on the STARS Funding Interface and are required so that transfers can be made from the DOA Payroll Clearing fund to Division of Personnel Services Health Benefits Administration fund at the provider level. No change is being requested for the DA175-176 process. These changes can be migrated to production anytime after January 1, 1998, but must be in place for the checks issued January 23, 1998.


  • Remittance Interface File Process will be Eliminated:
    - Last transmission for funds other than GHI will be January 5, 1998: include check issue date of 1/2/98.
    - Last transmission for GHI will be February 5, 1998: January deductions for 1997 contract for pay cycles with check issued date through 1/19/98.
  • STARS Funding File will have a change in GHI index codes for fund 7700 (DOA Payroll Clearing Fund), to be in production by the on cycle with a check issue date of 1/23/98.

Questions regarding this informational circular should be directed to the Division of Accounts and Reports, Myrene Bears, Payroll Services at (913) 296-5368.



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