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97-R-008 Board of Regents Institutions

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: December 11, 1996
SUBJECT: Board of Regents Institutions
A & R CONTACT: Payroll Services (785) 296-3146
SUMMARY: Regents Remittance Interface Files--Reduction of Record Requirements for KPERS.

The Division of Accounts and Reports has completed a review of the reporting requirements with KPERS personnel for the Department of Administration payroll clearing fund 9009 (KS Public Employees Retirement Clearing Fund (KPERS)). The review and subsequent changes in the reporting process impacts both the Reconciliation and Remittance Team and the Regents Remittance Interface File processes.

As a result, starting with the January remittances the following changes affecting the records included and the frequency of Regents Remittance Interface Files will be implemented:

  1. The following indexes for fund 9009--KS Public Employees Retirement Clearing Fund (KPERS) are to be deleted from all Remittance Interface Files:

    9736: KPERS Buyback -Y1
    9737: KPERS Buyback -Y2

  2. The mid-month KPERS Remittance Interface file due the second working day after the 15th will NOT be sent. All reporting for KPERS will be on the same monthly cycle as all other funds sent on the Regents Remittance Interface files. Note: this reduces the number of files sent each month from three files to two files, per the example shown below:

        1) Due December 17, 1996
            -KPERS for December 1-15 (include Buyback indexes 9637, 9737)

        2) Due January 3, 1997
            -KPERS for December 16-31 (include Buyback indexes 9637, 9737)
            -GHI, Org Dues, United Way, OGL for December 1-31

        1) Due February 4, 1997
            -KPERS, GHI, Org Dues, United Way, OGL for January 1 -31
              (exclude Buyback indexes 9637 and 9737 from KPERS)

The attached schedule revises Informational Circular No. 97-R-007, dated October 31, 1996, as it pertains to fund 9009 records and frequency of the remittance files. This change should be implemented with the Regents Remittance file submitted for January remittances. Please note this change has no effect on the detail required on Pay Detail, STARS, or DA-175 Regents Interface files. Schedule for Remittance Interface Files for December and January.


Attachment: Regents Remittance Reports/Interface By Fund (pdf)


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