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97-R-001 Payroll Document Number Requirements

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:50 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

DATE: July 23, 1996
SUBJECT: Payroll Document Number Requirements
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 23, 1996
A & R CONTACT: Lisa Kerwin (785) 296-3146
SUMMARY: Payroll Document Number Requirements

In order to more easily identify the originating institution and to assist in the fund reconciliation effort, a methodology for assigning payroll document numbers has been developed and should be followed by each Regents institution effective with the payroll period ending July 27, 1996, paid August 9, 1996. The first two digits of DA-175 and STARS funding file document numbers for Regents institutions should be assigned as follows:

246 and 385 S4, V4, etc.
367 S5, V5, etc.
379 S6, V6, etc.
682 S7, V7, etc.
683 S8, V8, etc.
715 S9, V9, etc.

Document numbers which begin with 'S' will continue to identify receipt transactions; those beginning with 'V' will continue to identify expenditures.

Due to the availability of document numbers, the first two digits of the document numbers for agency 246 and 385 will not be unique. These two agencies may originate the same document number at the same time since the batch information accompanying the documents will allow the transactions to be uniquely identified.

The final six digits of the document number can be assigned using whatever methodology best meets the needs of each institution. The SHARP system uses the following document numbering methodology for assigning the final six digits of the document numbers:

On-cycle Digits 3 & 4 = the month of the pay period ending date
Digits 5-8 = a system-generated sequence number
Off-cycle Digits 3-5 = the fiscal year Julian date for the off-cycle processing date
Digits 6-8 = a system-generated sequence number

For example: the last six digits of the first off-cycle receipt document number originated on June 30 would be '365001'.

Regents institutions are not required to use the SHARP methodology for assigning the last six digits of their document number. This information is being provided for information only and as a guide for any institution seeking assistance in developing a methodology. Regardless of the methodology used to assign the final six digits of the document number, it would be helpful to Payroll Services staff if the last seven digits of the document number for expenditure transactions was the same as the last seven digits of the document number for the corresponding receipt transactions.

If you have any questions regarding this circular, please contact Payroll Services at (913) 296-3146.



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