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GROUP ELEVEN SCOPE - Legacy System Conversions

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Kansas agencies have and operate a large number of computer applications, some of them with origins dating back to the 1960’s. In many cases, the programming languages or database platforms employed to build the applications are no longer used to build current applications (COBOL, FORTRAN, CAGEN, CICS, Adabas, Natural, Focus, VSAM, ISAM, Lotus Notesetc.) In many cases the original documentation created with the programs has been lost or compromised. In most cases the personnel who created the applications have left state service or are unavailable. While the applications are in a “fragile” state, they are often critical to an agency’s ability to execute a mission. In such cases, the agency may want to try and migrate or port the application to a more modern hardware and software platform. This group is intended to identify firms with demonstrated expertise in accomplishing such migrations. If your firm has internal expertise in accomplishing such application transformations, you should submit a proposal.

We are interested in firms who employ staff with skill sets that are relevant to legacy systems or who employ automated tools to accomplish such conversions or use a combination of techniques to achieve successful conversions.

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