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4301 Reduced Meal Allowance for Meals Provided at No Cost to the Employee

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

An agency shall reduce the meal allowance by the amount shown below for each meal provided to an employee if the cost of meals is included in the cost of a registration fee or other fees or charges paid by the agency or supplied without cost by another party. This includes complimentary breakfasts accepted by employees at lodging establishments, excluding light Continental breakfasts.

(Note: Each agency is responsible for reducing meal allowances for complimentary breakfasts accepted by traveling employees. The Office of the State Comptroller, Audit and Assurance will not audit vouchers for meal allowance reduction for complimentary breakfasts provided by lodging establishments.)

             Area                                                Breakfast     Lunch    Dinner

In-state/border city                                       $11.25         $12.25    $23.50 
Out-of-state                                                   $11.25         $12.25    $23.50  
Out-of-state high-cost                                  $11.75         $13.25    $25.00
Out-of-state special designated                 $15.50         $17.00    $32.50 
high-cost area
International                                                   $16.25         $17.25   $33.50 


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