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3400 Travel by Charter or Rental of Special Conveyance

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

The agency head or designee may authorize travel by the rental or charter of aircraft,

automobiles, boats, buses, or other special conveyances when no public or other ordinary transportation is available. This also applies when public or other ordinary transportation available cannot be used advantageously in the best interest of the state. Authorization for rental or charter of special conveyances should be incorporated in the agency's travel approval process.

An agency that needs to lease or rent an aircraft to meet its travel needs must use the State's executive aircraft if available. If the executive aircraft is unavailable, the agency may then lease or rent a commercial aircraft. In such cases, a completed copy of form DA-27, Notice of Unavailability of the Executive Aircraft, must be included with the payment voucher's documentation when making the lease or rental payment. See section 6500 for information on completing form DA-27.

If the executive aircraft is available for use but an agency feels it has economic or other reasons for using a commercial aircraft, a written request to rent or lease a commercial aircraft must be submitted to the Governor's Office for review. If the Governor's Office approves the request, a copy of the approval must be included with the payment voucher’s documentation when making the lease or rental payment.

All automobile rentals must be approved and booked in accordance with the agency's travel policy.

An employee should secure the most economical rental vehicle that adequately fulfills the need of the traveler. (See table below for average vehicle capacity.)

    Car Size          Avg. Seating Capacity ​       Avg. Luggage Capacity    ​    

Full-size                                 5-6                            15.6 cu. ft. - 6 pieces 
    Mid-size                                  5                                3.5 cu. ft. - 4 pieces
    Compact                               4-5                            13.0 cu. ft. - 4 pieces 
    Economy                                4                              10.2 cu. ft. - 3-4 pieces
    Mini-Van                                 7                                          8 pieces


Vehicle size is to be determined by the number of travelers and use. Vehicles are for official use only.

In-state rental of special conveyances should be made through the contracting vendor and paid using the agency’s appropriate cardless Procurement Card (P-Card). The P- Card includes Collision Damage Waiver at no additional cost for most vehicles.

Employees are reimbursed for out-of-state rental of a special conveyance by submitting the official receipt for the rental or charter with the documentation for the travel expense report.

Personal accident insurance (PAI), personal effects insurance (PEI), and other supplemental liability insurance are considered personal expenses and are not reimbursable.

Additional information on vehicle insurance can be found at http://www.da.ks.gov/fm/cmp/information/transition/insurance/ .

Information on accident reporting can be found at http://www.da.ks.gov/fm/cmp/information/transition/accidents/ .

(Reference: K.A.R. 1-16-13)

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