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3302 Refunds for Fully or Partially Cancelled Transportation Tickets

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

If the employee's schedule or other circumstances require the employee to cancel all or a portion of a transportation ticket, the employee should:

A. Obtain a written statement of the cancellation from the transportation company or the company's agent or

B. Take other necessary action to release the employee from the full or remaining portion of the ticket.

The employee should forward the cancelled or unused ticket to the state agency along with the written statement or other documentation obtained releasing the employee from the ticket. The agency should then obtain a refund for the cancelled or unused portion of the ticket from the travel agency or transportation entity where the ticket was purchased. The traveler should not personally try to obtain the refund.

If the traveler purchased the ticket from personal funds, the traveler should be reimbursed for the ticket as part of the reimbursement for allowable travel expenses incurred. The employee's travel expense report should claim reimbursement for the purchase of the ticket and supporting documentation of the ticket and agency efforts to obtain a refund of the unused portion of the ticket should be part of the documentation of the expense report.

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