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3,802 Out-of-State Travel Expense Reimbursemetn

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Filing No.3,802
Revision Date:11/18/98
Date Issued:07/72
Revisions marked #


Reimbursement of Travel and Subsistence for Recruiting Expenses for Out-of-State Applicants


To establish guidelines, policies and procedures which apply to reimbursement of travel expenses for out-of-state interviewees.

Information pertaining to the moving expenses of out-of-state applicants can be found in PPM filing number 3,607.


K.S.A. 75-3218

K.S.A. 76-727 exempts state educational institutions from these provisions.


K.S.A. 75-3218 authorizes and limits reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses incurred by out-of-state applicants who are invited to interview with a state agency for a position in which qualified persons are substantially unavailable within the state.

Under Supreme Court Case, State, ex.rel. v. Bennett, 219 K. 285 P. 2d 786, payments which were subject to prior approval by the Finance Council (as referenced in K.S.A. 75-3218) are now subject to prior approval of the Governor.

The Governor's approval of the payment of out-of-state recruiting expenses should be obtained prior to scheduling the interview.

A separate "Request to Pay Expenses of Out-of-State Applicants" form, DA-29, must be completed for each position or positions within a class to be filled. However, all potential interviewees for the position(s) can be listed on one request. If a position is filled and is subsequently vacated again, a new request letter must be completed even though the applicant listed had been previously approved.


Responsibility Action Step
  1. Determine that qualified applicants are substantially not available within the state to fill vacant class(es) or position(s) requiring professional, technical or unusual qualifications.
  2. Prepare the form "Request to Pay Expenses of Out-of-State Applicants", DA-29, and submit it to the Secretary of Administration for the Governor's approval.
  3. Offer to pay travel and subsistence expenses for the interview, upon receiving the Governor's approval. Such travel and subsistence must be the same as for state employees traveling out-of-state (see PPM 3,903) or a lesser amount as approved by the Governor.
  4. Obtain all necessary receipts and prepare a travel payment voucher, form DA-125. All expenditures should be paid using expenditure subobject code 2610. (See PPM 3,903 for detailed instructions to complete this form.)
  5. Attach a copy of the Governor's approval and all necessary receipts to the payment voucher. Forward the voucher and all attachments to the Audit Services Team of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Agencies with delegated audit authority should process the documents in accordance with the agency's procedures.
Office of the Chief Financial 
  1. Review and process the payment voucher and issue a warrant or electronic payment.


Questions regarding this process should be directed to:

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Audit Services Team


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