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3,597 Printing for State Agencies

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Filing No.3,597
Revision Date:12/16/98
Date Issued:04/77
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Printing for state agencies


To provide information regarding the acquisition of printing services by state agencies.


K.S.A. 75-1005 K.S.A. 76-392


K.S.A. 75-1005 requires that the division of printing shall do all public printing and binding required by the legislature, the supreme court, the governor or any other state agency.

The Director of Printing may authorize any state agency to do its own printing. The Director of Printing, unless otherwise instructed by the Secretary of Administration, may also authorize particular printing jobs to be obtained in the commercial market. The policies presented here do not apply to contracts entered into under K.S.A. 76-392.

An agency may acquire small copying or small laser printing devices, small collating equipment, or small table-top friction folders without the special approval of the Director of Printing. However, any request for publishing/printing devices (light lens, digital or laser) capable of running 200,000 copies per month must have special written approval from the Director of Printing.

The Director of Printing must approve the acquisition of the following types of printing or binding equipment including rental on lease of such equipment:

  1. Any device that converts typewritten or other prepared copy into conventional printing or book typefaces by use of phototypesetting devices, either manual or computerized.
  2. Any lithographic camera equipment capable of producing line or halftone, screened negatives, or process color separations on graphics film, including automatic or semi-automatic film or plate processing equipment.
  3. Any kind of printing press that utilizes direct or indirect printing processes in transferring the inked image to the paper, including both sheet and roll-fed presses.
  4. Any kind of automatic or semi-automatic equipment for cutting, folding, perforating, punching, drilling, signature or folded form gathering, sewing, saddle or side-wire binding, perfect or glue binding, collating or other binding equipment.

The Director of Printing must also approve the following printing services relating to the type of output to be used with another printing device:

Postscript compatible, encapsulated fonts, style tag codes, FTP capability, importing and exporting files from various word processing formats.

All acquisitions of printing and binding equipment must be made in accordance with current Division of Purchases policies and limitations.


Responsibility Action Step
  1. Determine that the printing job cannot be completed by the Division of Printing.
  2. Prepare a written request to the Director of Printing seeking approval to secure the particular job in the commercial market in accordance with the current policies and limitations of the Division of Purchases.
Director of Printing
  1. Review the correspondence and approve or disapprove the request.
  1. If approved, secure the printed material based on the appropriate purchasing limitation.
  2. Prepare the payment voucher (form DA-103 or DA-120) and submit the voucher with the appropriate supporting documentation (including the approval letter from the Director of Printing) to the Audit Services Team of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. Agencies with delegated audit authority should process the document in accordance with the agency's procedures.
Accounts and Reports
  1. Review and process the voucher and issue warrant or electronic payment from the central accounting system.


For questions relating to the approval process, please contact:

Division of Printing
201 NW MacVicar

Questions relating to the payment process should be directed to:

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Audit Services Team

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