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2200 Personal Funds to be used for Travel

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Employees shall provide themselves with sufficient personal funds for all
anticipated expenses. Advances from the State Treasury or other special
funds to cover anticipated expenses are not allowed except when allowed by
the agency’s Cash Advance Policy using SMART’s Travel & Expense module or from an agency imprest fund as authorized by K.S.A. 75-3072. Employees are
not authorized to pay the travel expenses of other employees. However, if
employees choose to share lodging accommodations, one employee may
claim the entire room charge as specified in paragraph 4200.

In exceptional circumstances or hardship cases, an agency head may
authorize a travel subsistence advance for an amount that will cover the
anticipated travel expenses. Travel advances are recoverable from the
employee by: (a) setoff against the accrued pay or other amount due the
employee; and (b) other methods provided by law.

To avoid undue hardship on employees, the state has contracted with the
UMB Bank to provide personal credit cards (Business Travel Cards) to
employees who travel frequently on state business.  This allows employees  

to charge amounts incurred during travel and submit a travel expense
report and receive reimbursement from the state prior to the credit card
billing becoming due. (PLEASE NOTE: Even though obtained through
 the state, each Business Travel Card and its use is the personal r
esponsibility of the employee to whom the card was issued. The
State of Kansas accepts no responsibility for employee misuse of
these credit cards. All billing questions are to be directed to the card
 issuer. Agencies interested in obtaining credit cards for employees
who travel frequently on state business should contact
Procurement and Contracts
(tim.hund@da.ks.gov) for credit card
application information.)
Additional Information on the State of Kansas
Business Travel Card Program can be obtained at

Agencies may directly purchase transportation tickets for employees as
specified in paragraph 3301, may pay advance registration fees for
employees as specified in paragraph 5105, and may pay lodging
xpenses directly as specified in paragraph 4201.

(References: K.A.R. 1-16-1, 1-16-1a)


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