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2102 Travel to Border Cities

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:49 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Subject to the approval of the Secretary, the Director may designate any city
in a state bordering or near Kansas as a border city, except a city designated
 as a high-cost geographic area. The Director has designated all locations
within 200 miles of the Kansas borders as border cities. An employee may
be authorized by the agency head or designee to travel to a border city under
 the Border City Rule.

Travel to a border city under the Border City Rule does not require out-of-state
 travel approval as specified in paragraph 2101. Also, meal and lodging
expenses incurred are reimbursed at in-state reimbursement rates. If a trip to
a border city is not made under the border city rule, out-of-state travel
approval is required as specified in paragraph 2101 and reimbursement for
meal and lodging expenses are made at out-of-state reimbursement rates.

Employee travel expense reports should identify travel to border cities
under the border city rule to properly determine travel expense
reimbursement. See Appendix C for guidance concerning proper coding
of these expenses.

A complete listing of border cities may be found in Appendix A.

See PM file 3,904, Border City Travel, for procedures to request that a city
be designated a border city or a high-cost border city.

(Reference: K.A.R. 1-16-18)

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