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GROUP NINE (9) SCOPE - Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consulting

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Kansas has several decades experience in Geographic Information Systems.  We have a robust governance process in this area, established standards, and an active user community that includes Federal, State, tribal, local, and private participants.  While our GIS environment uses multiple vendor products, the primary software platform is Esri.  Additionally, Kansas has an Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Esri that provides all state agencies with access to core desktop and server technology, numerous desktop and server extensions, and access to the ArcGIS Online cloud platform.  Though some members of the GIS community have significant experience and depth in this area, some do not and therefore need to augment their capabilities in this area with directly provided services.  Training in GIS is covered under a separate contract and is not addressed here.

Because we expect a wide variety of needs in the GIS arena, we’d prefer contractors in this group who evidence successful experience in working on large GIS projects using the technologies and products presently deployed in Kansas.  We’re assuming firms with large project experience will have the skills that will be relevant to all sizes & complexities of engagements.

Example work in this area would include (but shall not be limited to):

  •  GIS Program Development - help an agency set up a GIS program where one didn’t exist before.  After studies, interviews, etc. propose optimal choices for the agency.  Consider the agency’s existing and proposed environment and the GIS community’s resources, involvement, and relevant policies.
  • GIS Data Development & Maintenance – may include geodatabase design, development, maintenance, automation, and application development related to the data development or maintenance process.
  • GIS Web Mapping Services – may include web-based mapping application development, mobile application development, map service development and publication, or custom REST-based web service development.
  • General GIS Services – may include analytical services, data assessment and quality review, cartographic development, or general project-specific consulting services.
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