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17-A-007 Addition of New Account Codes for KPERS Working After Retirement 3rd Party/Independent Contractor Expenditure Tracking (November 21, 2016)

Posted on October 21, 2021 at 12:51 PM by Kansas Department of Administration

Informational Circular No. 17-A-007
Effective Date: Month Day, Year
Contact Name:
Amanda Entress
SHARP - Statewide Payroll

Nancy Haufler
SMART - Statewide Accouting
(785) 296-3887

(785) 296-5368

Approval: DeAnn Hill
(Original Signature on File)
New Account Codes for KPERS Working After Retirement 3rd Party/Independent Contractor Expenditure Tracking

As a result of the implementation of KPERS Working After Retirement (WAR) 3rd Party/Independent Contractor member contributions, a new account code has been added to SMART to use for employer contribution expenditure tracking. The following account code is eligible to be used starting immediately.

Account Code                    Description                                   Short Description           518101                 ER KPERS WAR 3rd PTY/CNSLNT               SHARP REQ    

This account code is to be used to track non-payroll employer contributions for KPERS WAR 3rd Party/Independent Contractor member type ACTR that are not tracked in SHARP. Agencies are reminded that they will need to work with KPERS to establish reporting procedures and billing frequencies for these members. As these member contributions are not tracked in SHARP agencies are required to be billed via a SMART interfund for amounts due to KPERS. Agencies should use SMART account code 518101(ER KPERS WAR 3rd PTY/CNSLNT) to record the expense side of the interfund.

Any interfunds that have been processed using any SMART account code other than 518101 will need to be corrected by creating a journal voucher in the Accounts Payable module, not Interfund module See the How to Enter a Journal Voucher job aid for instruction on entering the AP journal voucher. The payment method on the Payments tab of the journal voucher may need to be changed to ‘CHK’ in order to save the journal voucher. Submit a ManageEngine Service Desk ticket if you need additional assistance.

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