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13-P-021 KPAY210, Payroll EFT Returns and Notifications of Change

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DATE: May 15, 2013

KPAY210, Payroll EFT Returns and Notifications of Change

EFFECTIVE DATE: June 7, 2013

Carol Beck

Joyce Dickerson


(785) 296-2002

(785) 296-3979






Nancy Ruoff

(Original Signature on File)


New report for payroll EFT returns and notifications of change, KPAY210



A new report has been created to notify agencies when a financial institution has informed the State Treasurer’s Office that a change has been made to an employee’s payroll direct deposit information.  KPAY210, Payroll EFT Returns and Notifications of Change, will be placed in your agency’s MVS mailbox when these changes occur for an employee of your agency.  This report replaces the “Return/NOC PAYROLL Items Received” notices previously emailed to agencies by Payroll Services.


An email will be sent to your agency staff with the [WF] Agy Payroll Administrator role in SHaRP, indicating that a KPAY210 has been placed in your agency’s MVS mailbox. This is the same role that receives W-4 changes and other SHARP payroll related workflow notices.  It is imperative that at least one employee from each agency has this role in order to receive the email so that the direct deposit information can be corrected in a timely manner.  In order to set up an employee with this SHaRP role, please reach out to your Agency SHARP Security Contact. If you don’t know who your contact is please check with staff in your agency’s human resource office.


When an agency receives an email indicating that KPAY210 has been placed in the agency MVS mailbox, the report should be downloaded from the MVS mailbox.  Please review the report and compare the records listed with the DA-184, Authorization for Direct Deposit of Employee Pay, previously completed by the employee.  The bank transit number, account number and account type (checking or savings) must be accurate to ensure proper handling of the direct deposit transaction. Contacting the employee may also be required.


The report displays department ID, employee ID, employee name, effective date, transaction code, bank transit routing number, account number, amount, and type of error.  Most errors are for incorrect transit numbers and/or account numbers.  An incorrect transaction code means the wrong account type is being used.  A Correct Data field showing transaction code of 21 or 22 signifies a checking account.  A Correct Data field showing transaction code of 31 or 32 signifies a savings account.


For SHaRP agencies, the corrected direct deposit information should be entered into SHaRP by agency staff through the Main Menu, Payroll for North America, Employee Pay Data USA, Request Direct Deposit.  If the correct information cannot be obtained prior to final pay calc, please inactivate the direct deposit information or delete the bad account so that money is not re-deposited to a problem account.  Regent institutions are responsible for ensuring changes are made in their individual systems and including correct direct deposit information in their interface files.


For EFT returns with money, a SMART check will be mailed to the employee’s address found in SHaRP.  If a different address should be used or the employee should not be paid, contact Payroll Services as soon as possible.  New direct deposit information must be updated in SHaRP and Regent interface files by payroll cut-off dates to avoid additional returned deposits.


Please direct any questions regarding the report or this circular, to the contacts listed above.







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